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Improve workforce productivity, control costs and minimize compliance risk

As competition increases in every industry, greater workforce productivity becomes essential for sustaining growth. Organizations are continually under pressure to utilize resources effectively, improve workforce productivity and reduce resource management costs.

Bodhtree’s workforce productivity solution, built on Salesforce Service Cloud, helps you track the efficiency of your resources and maintain peak performance levels at all times. It further helps organizations strike the optimal balance between workload and staffing, by providing a unified and consistent view of organizational resource data.

Key benefits of our solution

  • Track field force productivity
  • Obtain customer feedback on different products and services
  • Log calls, customer interactions, etc. from anywhere
  • Measure sales performance based on different parameters and make insightful decisions
  • Track and improve agent productivity
  • Provide a collaboration platform for agents and customers
  • Track and optimize call resolution times
  • Simplify the agent experience by providing them a platform to record their information on a single platform
  • Manage by exception instead of sifting through timecards
  • Gain insight into your scheduling to match labor to volume and prevent approaching overtime
  • Provide employees with self-service tools, allowing them to check earnings and accruals or request schedule changes, time off and more
  • Centralized repository for Service requests
  • Timesheet management to calculate ideal and actual time
  • Automate feedback mechanism
  • Generate customized reports for top management and practice heads
  • Be aware of project overruns before they happen
  • Powerful real-time reporting functionality
  • Streamlines operations and increases process efficiency
  • Forecasts daily and long term workloads
  • Creates employee schedule to help meet service levels consistently and cost effectively
  • Supports inbound, outbound customer service environments
  • Provides a single unified solution to help organizations balance customer and employee satisfaction
  • Unified and consistent view of employee and customer data
  • Empowers you to calculate accurate time spent on projects, which is useful while invoicing the client
  • Robust security and infrastructure
  • Monitor the productivity of employees efficiently and make smarter business decisions