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API solution

Optimizing your API sales processes

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API manufacturers) continually face the challenge of producing cutting-edge treatments that are cost effective for patients and healthcare providers. In the face of stiff competition, enterprises strive to grow their market share and improve sales for innovative therapies while complying with the industry’s stringent regulations.

Bodhtree’s API solution for pharmaceutical enterprises reengineers the API sales process to solve many of these challenges. The solution unifies global sales on a single platform, consolidates sales information and provides teams with a consistent set of sales processes and data.

  • Transform API sales through greater team cohesion and better strategy execution
  • Gain complete visibility into performance and operational metrics
  • Eliminate bottle necks within the sales cycle
  • Increase sales productivity
  • Unify sales operations across regions
  • Automate account and contact management
  • Key deal alerts
  • End-to-end sales cycle tracking and sales funnel analysis
  • Escalation rules and workflow-led approval processes
  • Offline edition to minimize dependency on internet
  • Mobility to empower field force
  • Minutes of the meeting can be captured and translated into activities, sample requests and opportunities
  • Custom reports and dashboards to track sales performance against KPIs