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CRM for Educational Institutes

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Fast track your executive education programmes

Educational institutions offering executive education programmes are deeply inclined towards increasing their outreach and streamlining their programme delivery by adopting innovative technology platforms. They are striving to increase collaboration between their faculty and clients, make strong connections with students and companies that sponsor them and design programmes that best fit the industry needs.

Bodhtree’s Executive Management Programme Tracking solution offers institutions with a comprehensive view of prospects, students, faculty and alumni from a single interface.

  • Maintains a record of faculty, curriculum, course content and its relevance to different audiences
  • Analyzes programme data and helps the institution in customizing their programmes based on participants’ feedback
  • Enables the institution to deliver personalized marketing campaigns to increase outreach
  • Streamlines admissions, outbound sales, programme delivery and marketing
  • Unifies activity history, event attendance and other lead generation efforts on a single platform
  • Tracks interactions between the institution and their prospects, students, alumni and donors
  • Intuitive web interface allows access to diverse audiences and enhances user adoption, while reducing dependency on IT and lowering TCO
  • Mobility and custom application development capabilities to seamlessly push information from the tool to the web, including class schedules, content, fees, etc.
  • Enables individuals and companies to apply to the school online and add their human resources and employee details
  • Students and administration can login and view past payments, invoices due, etc.