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Bodhtree is a CMMI level 5 company which enables enterprises to transform their business using the power of cloud, analytics and digital solutions. In addition, we streamline key business processes by deploying enterprise applications, integrating applications with their IT infrastructure and maintaining them, so that business users can focus on strategic organizational priorities.

While we work with Fortune 500 firms and SMEs across different industries, we offer vertical specific solutions to address key business challenges of Manufacturing,Healthcare, HiTech, Educational and Government sectors besides others.

We are a Virginia headquartered organization  with local offices in Texas, Singapore and India. Founded in 1998, we have over 800 employees.

We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence. We are intellectually curious and highly collaborative. However, against the backdrop of a challenging global economy, we endeavour to adopt new generation technologies and processes in our unique delivery model. Bodhtree has successfully carved a niche for itself by consolidating its approach to IT and ITES (IT enabled services) through sustainable value addition to organizations.

Software technologists, various domain centric business analysts, IT Innovators and reputed academicians with international exposure work in tandem in our operation centers in India, USA and UK. We extend our limit to support the organizations to bring about the best in the industry. We have a passion for helping the people we work with.

  • Benefits Realization (ROI & Customer Focus)
  • Employee Growth (Retention & Employee Focus)
  • Sustain (Long Term Focus)
  • Time Tested (Quality Focus)

We want to be the most admired company for our Employees, Partners and Customers.
Enabling technology that helps our customers build a global, secure and scalable enterprise.
Core Values
Since inception, Bodhtree has been governed by its core values

  • Collaboration We embrace diverse cultures, respect everyone’s opinion, share responsibilities and strive for mutual success
  • Integrity We stand by our word and build trusted and enduring relationships
  • Community We foster a spirit of co-existence and strive to develop an interdependent and socially responsible workplace
  • Service Excellence We are customer focused and deliver high quality services at all times. We demonstrate passion and reliability in everything we do

We at Bodhtree strive to incorporate these guiding principles in our work life and collaborate for success.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Journey

Bodhtree is committed to providing high quality software services and solutions to our customers by demonstrating thought leadership and innovation through continuous process improvement.

Bodhtree is compliant to the international standards of CMMi Level 5, ISO 9001: 2008, SSAE 16: SOC1 Type II, ISO 27001:2013 and established proven processes to successfully manage and deliver the projects effectively.

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At Bodhtree, we believe that software quality is of utmost importance and deliver the project under the surveillance of strong SQA team.


New delivery models for products and services are also an imperative to accelerate innovative software. Innovations in this realm will help ensure top-line growth; not only for High Tech companies, but also for the customers they serve.

These frameworks are fully integrated and encompass the complete lifecycle of delivering and managing various methodologies and processes. Each of these benchmarks has four key components – Solution Engineering, Methodology, Delivery, and Quality management.

Solution Engineering

  • Process/work flow/data models
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Best Industry practices
  • Design and development


  • Strategic opportunity assessment
  • IT Strategy definition
  • Requirements management
  • Systems integration
  • Re-engineering
  • Organizational transformation

Delivery Management

  • Program management
  • Onsite/offshore
  • Operational model
  • Communication management

Quality Management

  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Defect tracking
  • Metric collection
  • Process improvement
  • Risk Management


Pressmart Media Limited

Pressmart is a leading print-to-digital delivery service. Print publications including newspapers, magazines, journals and catalogs use Pressmart's 360-degree full-service platform to deliver their electronic editions to online subscribers. Publishers simply supply pre-press PDF pages before going to print. Pressmart instantly converts these into multiple digital formats including same-as-print online edition, mobile edition, podcast and RSS. Pressmart also provides fulfillment services like subscriptions and single copy sales. It also sells online ads through its integrated ad sales services.

Pressmart is based out of Hyderabad and has sales and customer support presence in US and UK. For more information, visit www.pressmart.com

LearnSmart (India) Pvt. Ltd

LearnSmart is E-Learning companies dedicated to the cause of helping young generation learn smartly and improve fundamentally by undergoing well designed assessment courses.
LearnSmart provides its services through its portal 24x7guru.com, an interactive service for students for all school grades. 24x7guru.com offers real-time assessment services based on school curriculum and designed to impart fundamental learning to students. Currently available to students in India and Malaysia, 24x7guru.com will soon roll out its services to students in UAE and South Africa with tests designed as per local curriculum.

A brainchild of Bodhtree and its education domain partner, Unified Council, LearnSmart and its portal 24x7guru.com was founded in early 2007. For more information, visit www.24x7guru.com