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CSR in India is a result of the 2013 Companies Act. India is one of the few countries in the world to have a dedicated CSR act. In fact, it is the first to have brought about a legislation to implement CSR activities, followed by United Kingdom.

CSR refers to the idea that companies need to invest in socially and environmentally relevant causes in order to interact and operate with concerned parties having a stake in the company’s work. CSR is meant to help the company promote its commercial interests along with the responsibilities it holds towards the society at large. CSR is different and broader from acts of charities like sponsoring or any other philanthropic activity as the latter is meant to be a superficial or surface level action as part of business strategy, but the former tries to go deep and address longstanding socio-economic and environmental issues. https://csr.gov.in/CSR/

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What is EquiPPP

EquiPPP is a platform specially designed to enable scaling up of Social Value Investing and bringing smaller low-visibility but high local-impact projects into the investment radar to truly achieve sab-ka-saath, sab-ka-vikas. It is a collaborative platform that vitalizes crowd participation in Public-Private Projects and connects Corporates, Citizens, Domain Experts, NGOs and Philanthropists with the Government to Initiate and Participate together in socially relevant projects.


How it works

LOCATE – EquiPPP has a database of projects selected across sectors and geographies started by Individuals and Organizations

INITIATE– EquiPPP enables Individuals and Organizations to initiate projects based on innovative solutions for socio-economic problems

MOTIVATE – EquiPPP intends to Motivate Individuals and Organizations through its network of projects to collaborate, Initiate and/or Participate

PARTICIPATE – The EquiPPP ecosystem through the collaborative work of Individuals and Organizations encourages participation in projects through expressions of interest on the platform


Concept & Principles

EquiPPP platform (equippp.com ) is developed with the objective of showcasing socially relevant projects and providing analysis and insights to stakeholders in those projects viz. CSR mandated corporates, foundations, NGOs and other contractors executing such projects, local governments and socially aware citizens. EquiPPP is the brain child of Equivas Capital which has developed the concept and vision. The platform is developed and managed by Bodhtree Consulting Limited by as part of its social responsibility activity and run independently by a professional team. The platform is designed to provide simple project placement, clear categorization and analytic tools to aid policymakers and decision makers to make informed choices, showcase completed projects, connect with executing agencies and understand the gaps and the impact of investments in those areas. EquiPPP is being launched in two phases. During the first phase the focus will be on CSR Showcase with MOUs entered by EquiPPP with CSR leaders in different sectors and relevant government departments who will showcase projects – those which have been implemented and those that have been identified and await funding / execution.

In the second phase, EquiPPP for CNSR will be launched with an app enabling citizens to post projects and view properly categorized socially relevant projects across the nation.

The EquiPPP team will work closely with Corporates, Foundations and Government bodies alike to support the success of the aforementioned activities.

EquiPPP will publish periodic Social Impact Reports with analysis and insights featuring key CSR activities by different organizations involved, gaps identified and policy initiatives.

Bodhtree Suvidha Centers are providing facilitation for citizens to upload projects to enable the actually affected to have a say!

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